Our Pixiebob Cats (queens and studs alike) have their own personal album on our cattery Facebook Page. You do not have to have a Facebook account to access the information, as it has been configured to be in the Public Domain. 

Please find the latest information, litter arrivals, and planned pairings solely on our social media pages on Facebook. You can also like and follow the cattery page (if you do have an account), and you will then receive ALL the latest news hot off the press! If you specifically want to receive news only about availability, then be sure to join our Facebook group “Totallycoastal Cats UK Availability“. We’re very easy to find.

Our Pixiebob cats represent years of hard work combining the various bloodlines we got started with carefully to enhance our kittens’ overall look.

As a result, our lines are coveted worldwide as they are virtually impossible to come by these days. Our foundation cats have long been retired, and therefore, their pedigrees cannot be reproduced.

We work with select breeders that we know are just as “pedigree obsessed” as we focus not only on looks but also on temperament and, most importantly, health and vigor.