Pixie Bob Cats FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered for you.

Pixie Bob cats were created by Carol Ann Brewer, the breed founder. However, the cats used to generate this NEW breed had roamed for centuries. Legends recorded in old books say that the North American bobcat began breeding with domestic cats that arrived with the first European immigrants. Carol believed that the barn cats obtained and used were ancestors from these scriptures or even recent occurrences.

Soon, interest gripped several breeders, and they joined her endeavor to work with what occurred naturally, to capture, for all time, the wild look and to maintain the gentle nature for which they are known. The Breed was created in 1984 but was not officially recognised for some years later

First of all, let’s make it clear that from what we know about the bobcat and lynx, they have very shy dispositions and are not aggressive whatsoever.

Wildcat’s reputation for being aggressive stems from the incredible ability to fight animals much larger than themselves, for defense purposes only. They are brilliant, yet they are also intuitive and somewhat apprehensive when they are not completely comfortable.

Likewise, the Pixie-Bob is knowledgeable and intuitive, and not completely comfortable when strangers arrive in their home.

Their habit is to retire to the bedroom, furthest away from the excitement, and stay there until the coast is clear. Their natural tendency is to be sweet, affectionate, and gentle with their own family. However, in the evenings, they often display that “wild” exuberance that is so entertaining. A life of Pixie-Bob ownership can never be dull!