Pixiebob Cats As Nature Intended

Welcome to Totally Coastal Cats. Thank you for visiting our site, dedicated to the beautiful Pixiebob cats.

We are sure you will be as captivated as much as we are by the time you leave this site. We like to call it PIXIE PASSION.

What Inspires Us

Our cattery name is a reflection of our love for anything nautical.

Proud Exhibitor & Breeder of Pixie Bobs

The cats originally selected to create this breed decades ago had an exceptional wild appearance, occurred naturally for centuries, and were born to domestic barn cats. The belief was they were the result of Barn Cats and Bobcats mating. Some years later, DNA testing showed NO Wild Markers, and Pixiebobs were accepted as a Domestic Breed by the TICA. The breed standards emphasize the striking resemblance to the North American Bobcat (Lynx rufus). Some subspecies vary in colour, but they all share key characteristics of Ear tufts, Bobtail, eye shape and set, diamond muzzle, and coat markings. The Pixiebobs unusual mix of canine and feline behavior also means you get the best of both worlds, making them very special. To find out more, see our FAQ’s.

Just. Like. A. Dog.