Queen Tassel

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Our Playful Queen, a Short-hair Pixiebob
Totallycoastal Pirate Tales was named partially after the theme of her mothers name (Buried Treasure). In addition to this link, we felt that she had such a distinctive flag like tail, that there should also be reference to this too somehow! Unfortunately the Jolly Roger Flag had already been used in a previous litter, not to mention it would have been a bit odd having a female called Roger. So we came up with Pirate Tales (instead of Tails) and the call name of Tassel works just great for that tail of hers.

Tassel was the result of a superb mating between Berry and Boo. She she takes after her mother more than her sire, but she has inherited a longer bobtail than the riser her mother has. Tassel is staying at Totallycoastal to bring an extremely outgoing un-phased show cat behavior. She inherited that quality from her father and while I won't be showing Tassel it is important for this bomb-proof personality to remain here, along with the physical elements. We intend to pair this girl across to our Longhair boys to combine all of the best traits and personalities we possess here.. and produce the absolute best we can all round cat. The picture displayed, were take at just 5m and Tassel has continued to develop into a strong girl.

Please follow her on our blog to see how she has matured and progressed here at Totallycoastal.