Totallycoastal StickOfRock

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My Blog

Our Homegrown Queen, shorthaired girl.
We intend to bring together all the strong features with our cats.... we expected Sweetie to stay with us, because she is the amalgamation of the wonderful Anika, and Big Mac.

Totallycoastal StickOfRock, was choosen for her fantastic gentle and sweet nature which she gets from both her parents. Her name reflects that, but also given to her as she has a rod like bobtail (which is exactly the same length as a Stick Of Rock). She inherited that tail from her daddy along with a whole host of other delightful traits. She also inherited from him those Amber Eyes, big thick legs, large paws, lynx tips and his coat colour and pattern. So I think Sweetie is definately a daddys girl.

Please view this cute girls credentials below, and of course her blog spot.