Showing Cats with TICA

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After the judge has seen all kittens, cats or alters, he/she decides on their best exhibits across all the ones that they have judged.

  • A Speciality (SP) Final will be the best exhibits from either the Longhair or Shorthair category.
  • An All Breed (AB) Final will be the best exhibits drawn from both Longhair and Shorthair categories.

Speciality Judges can only hold Speciality Finals. "Finals" are effectively a "Best in Show" for that ring. The Ring Clerk only announces that Finals numbers have been posted, not the numbers themselves (this removes the risk that an announcement might influence a judge in another ring). It is your responsibility to check if your cat is needed and take your cat to the ring.
The judge will explain his/her placings - between top 5 and top 10 (depending on how many cats are competing). The judge usually explains what they liked about each cat and their ranking before placing a Finals rosette on the pen. At least 25 exhibits must be present and competing to hold a "Top 10" Final. 20 or less exhibits require a "Top 5" Final. 24 exhibits is a Top 9 Final and so on.
As an exhibitor, it is good etiquette to thank the judge on leaving the ring if your cat has been Finaled. You can always tell when finals are happening because of the cheering and applause that greets each announcement

Earning Titles

Titles are earned by a combination of points awarded and getting one or more Finals places You can earn more than one title in a show or over a show weekend.
Titles must be claimed in writing by the exhibitor (a) using the official claim form and sending it to the TICA Executive Office (b) responding to the letter sent out by TICA once the show has been checked in the EO or (c) or through the automatic title claim process.
A copy of the form and scoring explanation is usually in the catalogue - or can be downloaded from the TICA website Titles can only be awarded to TICA-registered cats.
In the UK until 1 May 2009, a cat needs 150 points and one Final to earn Champion status 500 points and 3 Finals are needed to earn Grand Champion status.
Further Grand titles require either 500 or 1,000 extra points and at least one Final earned at the previous level Alters and Household Pets have equivalent awards

  • Best of Colour is worth 25 points down to 5 points for 5th Best of Colour
  • Best of Division is worth 25 points down to 15 points for 3rd Best of Division
  • Every Finals place has a points value. From 200 points (Best) to 110 points (10th Best) in AB Finals or from 150 (Best) to 60 points (10th Best) in SP Finals.
  • Points scores are cumulative - so the 500 points for Grand Champion includes the 150 points gained at Champion level and so on.

Regional and International Awards

All TICA-registered kittens, cats, alters, HHPs and HHP KIttens can compete for Regional and International Awards during the show year (1 May to 30 April). At the end of each show year, all counts return to zero.
To keep points towards Regional and International Awards from your first show, you must apply for your cat to be registered before its second TICA show. This page explains this in more detail.
Scoring for these awards uses the same base data (colour, division, breed and finals placement) but is calculated in a different way to titles.
Scoring is done automatically by the Executive Office (EO), and uses the TICA registration number to identify each cat.
Any errors in the registration numbers in show catalogues (or any shows where the cat's registration number was not in the catalogue) need to be notified to the EO by 7 May each year.
Congresses do not count towards Regional and International Awards
The number of exhibits competing in the ring is used in calculating the score - so a cat finalling as Best Cat with 53 exhibits competing in an Allbreed ring gets 200 + 52 points, the 2nd Best gets 190 + 51 points and so on If, for example, a cat did not final but was placed third best of breed, with 21 cats in that breed, it would get 18 points.
Regional Awards are presented to the Top 20 Cats, Kittens, Alters, Household Pets, and Household Pet Kittens at the Regional Awards Banquet. These top winners are featured in slide presentations at the Regional Awards Banquet. The Top 10 Cats, Kittens, Alters, and Household Pets, and the Top 10 Household Pet Kittens in each region are featured in the TICA YEARBOOK in colour, free of charge.
The Regional Top 20 Longhair and Shorthair Cats, and Breed Award winners, are honoured at the Regional Awards Banquet. See UK-owned Regional Winners here.
Unofficial standings are published by David Thomas on his website and official standings are available from the main TICA web-site.
We hope this has explained how showing and judging works in TICA. If you have any other queries then don't hesitate to contact the TICA.

Don't worry if you are confused after reading this, it took me quite some time to understand it myself. To be honest it is easier to follow once you are actually at a show, you see it all put into practice, and by the time it comes to a close you'll have grasped everything written.