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Whats Available

All availability is displayed on our blogspot.
You can also view more information and stories on these cats and kittens via the blogs, using these links provided.
It's easy to use, run searches, bookmark and even request update notifications by a variety of methods, so you can keep track in the way you want. In addition to our availability, we have provided for you some additional links that you may find of interest.

Buying Kittens Guide

We have created an information guide to buying kittens, we hope you find it helpful.

  1. Signs of a Healthy Kitten
  2. Signs of a Responsible Breeder
  3. Why Buy From a Responsible Breeder?
  4. Questions to Ask the Breeder
  5. Why Breeders ask Questions?
  6. Contract Agreements and Kitten Papers
  7. Other Useful Advise

Click HERE to View the Guide.


Choosing a Pixiebob that's right for you, is just a matter of emailing us. We'll ask you a standard set of questions, then we'll match your answers and requirements to all our Pixiebobs available, and send back your Perfect Pixiebob match(es).

Click HERE to email us about available Cats and Kittens

Choose & Reserve

Online reservations facility has been provided, so you won't miss out. You can request to reserve specific Cats, kittens or types of cat/kitten via this. You can also make full payments here for all cat and kitten types. When paying a deposit please ensure to specify what the retention is for by making further choices from the additional 2 boxes. The comment box is for name but can also be used so you can type any specific requirement (Examples:- 1 Male kitten w bobtail. A Shorthair Poly foot. Deposit for Show Pet). We are notified of your deposit/full payment. If we have not already spoke to you, we will contact you to discuss further.

NOTE, deposits are taken in good faith and are non-refundable unless Totallycoastal are cancelling the purchase, in which case 100% will be refunded. We carefully select our homes for our cats and kittens, and in cases where we feel the home is not suited, our refund deposit policy will apply. We suggest you make contact beforehand, if you intend to make a full payment.

Our Gift Idea and Balance Payments

We offer this facility to primarily treat your friends and family with Our Totallycoastal Gift Vouchers. What better way to spoil someone! This is a gift they will forever thank-you for. Your loved one can redeem their vouchers against a reservation, or remaining balance. It is also a means of paying outstanding balances! Simply by making the gift voucher out to us. For example if you have paid the 250.00GBP retention, and your outstanding balance for a show pet is due, use this facility to send Totallycoastal a Gift voucher for this amount. If you are interested in using this as a method of balance payment, please ensure that it is done 3 working days before your collection date, and contact us for first.

Purchasing facilities

We offer several methods of payment for all on and offshore purchasers. We try to be as flexible as possible so that having a Totallycoastal cat is an option for EVERYONE worldwide! If you are outside of the UK, then you can make an International payment via PayPal, and International Bank Transfer Payments service. Note, you will need to register, and fees may apply when using these services. I believe international bank funds transfer is by far the cheapest, but does not allow payment with cards. The remainder do allow payment with cards and some also accomodate funds transfer.

To find out more about each of these please click on the logos below.

Contact Us for Bank Transfer Details