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Are they noisy?

On the contrary, the Pixie-Bob is considered to be a very quiet breed. This is not to say that they do not talk, however. Most Pixie-Bobs have a series of chirps, chittering noises and gutteral sounds as well as the very infrequent raspy or hoarse meow. These are all used in play and expressing affection as well as during "the hunt".

Can I let my Pixie-Bob outside?

It is not wise to leave your friend outside, where it is often helpless to protect itself from cars, dogs, disease, poisoning, cat fights, theft and getting lost. However, Pixie-Bobs are easily trained to walk on a harness and leash. They love to ride in the car, too!

Will a Pixie-Bob get along with my other pets?

It will take a short adjustment period. Once your other pets understand that the Pixie-Bob is happy to be their friend, there should be no more problems. They love dogs and own them, just like the rest of the family. Because they are territorial, all cats and dogs will need to obey them, but they are benevolent rulers.

Should I try breeding?

We do not advise that anyone "try" breeding unless they are prepared to have a major life change. Breeding is a very expensive and serious hobby, and it takes a very dedicated person to do it properly. Kittens at a very young age are extremely susceptible to disease and death so casually trying a hand at breeding could possibly cost you more money and emotions than you had planned to expend. However, if you are seriously interested in making this enormous life change, talk with an F.T.L.O.P. TM breeder, and they can help you to determine whether this is what you really want to do. A new breeder must have a mentor in the Pixie-Bob Association (based in USA), so it is a good idea to work closely with the person who has sold you your first breeder quality kitten. You should look to them for advice.

What if I decide that I want to show my kitten?

First, check with the person than you bought your kitten from: you may not show your kitten unless you purchased a "show quality cat". Be aware that you could, again, spend enormous amounts of money showing a kitten that might not be top show quality or might just be too young. Rarely can a young kitten stand up against the "big boys" and take home a ribbon. However, an excellent quality kitten CAN get some attention. So if you like the action and confusion of the show hall, then showing just may be for you. It takes the right kind of person to really have fun: not too competitive, yet, enough to take it seriously. If you really like showing, then you might find yourself traveling to shows all over the country, and eventually to other countries, as often as even once a month. So purchasing a show kitten often spells commitment for quite some time. It's fun and challenging, but you can't take things to heart or it won't be any fun at all. Check our Showing Cats link for more information, on showing within the TICA.

Pet, Breeder and Show Quality Cats?

Show or breeder quality is determined by how closely the kitten fits the Pixie-Bob standard; in type, coat quality, color and pattern, and most of all, head and facial characteristics. In order to be a show quality kitten, it must not only fit the standard, but must also be an SBT/SBV and fourth (or more)generation. A pet quality kitten can be any of the above and/or be a first or second generation kitten not able to be shown in the show ring as a Pixiebob. All pet quality kittens are altered prior to sale.

What is Pixie Passion?

We poor souls are breeding and showing these cats because we are addicted to being owned by one (or many more). We joke about the addiction, but soon enough new owners discover that it's really not a joke at all. We dearly love these cats, and do not wish to see the world live without the Pixie-Bob, so we dedicate ourselves to the promotion of the breed with all that it entails. If you have never met a Pixie-Bob fanatic yet, just take a good look at the person who gave you this information. Is it for you? Just pick up and hold a Pixie-Bob close, then look into those eyes and make your decision.

Want to know more?

There are some interesting aspects to consider in your quest to see if the Pixie-Bob is for you. We have plenty more Questions and Answers and In-depth information, where this came from. So go to Our Research and Useful Links.