The Stud, Declan.

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Our second homebred Stud Pixiebob, Declan.
We are very proud of all our breedings, but particularly the ones that produce some fine queens, studs and show cats.
This guy has it all, a great purrrsonality, super colouring, markings, size, quad pattie poly feet, and nice type. Declan has a tail short of foot, which has a kink in the tip. Our only male with Blonde tones, that give a great red tones with our really dark coated females, and blonde toned with our mid and lighter coated. As already mentioned Declan sports Quad Poly feet, however I've never seen such huge hind poly paws in all my life. The front paws have perfectly equal sized toes, of which there are 5. The rear again are lovely pattie paws, but have 7 toes... I think you have to see them to appreciate their splendor. This boys eyes are a very vivid gooseberry green and have the great shape. His profile is second to none, and his coat pattern is extremely striking with round random small spots. Despite the tail being too long to show, I think you can see why we have kept this boy within our program.

His name is fitting to his over-sized paws.