The Stud, Big Mac Supersize Me

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Our First Homebred Stud boy, and 4th Shorthaired Male Pixiebob.

Totallycoastal (Big Mac) Supersize Me, was special to us from the start. Not only was he our first ever kitten, but he was the biggest kitten I think we will ever have (@ 6.8oz). From the second I saw Big Mac I knew he would be staying here with us. Everthing about him was really nice, a great tail, chin, markings, colour, size and chunky build. So it's no surprise he has since grown into a fine figure of a male.

Big Mac is a unique blend of lines, to date it has not been replicated by any other breeder in the UK, USA or worldwide. So for this reason alone he is extra special. This boy has taken the best charactristics from both parents. From Ollie he has the tremedeous build, great chin, and Tail. From Shenona we get those wild cat Eyes, Face markings and Coat Colour and Pattern. Then the special Blend from both is in the muzzle and nose. All in All I couldnt be happier.

On top of the lines and the looks, he has a perfect show temprement. We are hoping for Mac to show us what he can do starting 2010-2011 TICA show halls.

Big Mac Supersize me has already outgrown his dads frame and weight, and his total devotion to me is wonderful, but when he still thinks he can perch on your shoulder like a small kitten you wish at times his love wasnt so much. The only way he can now fit is to completely wrap himself around my neck. When I first saw such sights (at TICA shows) with the Breeders and Owners of Maine Coons carrying them around the neck, I thought that is very strange. I now find myself in the exact same position with Big Mac. So I can see myself travelling from the penning area to the ring wearing this boy... as Big Mac Accessorize.

We breeders always say we want big, chunky and muscular cats and we aim for that in our standards. Pixiebobs dense boning and muscular build makes even the most stealth lean cat weigh much more than your average moggy. They always weigh more then you'd imagne them to. Well I have no worries there with him, in fact I hope he doesnt get too much bigger, as he already feels like a carrying a sand bag. Alas I feel that he indeed will continue to become more muscular like his dad and because of Big Mac huge frame, this growing will mean he'll be extremely large. So Big Mac Supersize Me is really living upto his name, and I'll soon need to get him his own set of wheels to carry him around or risk a back problem.

He has now started to take interest in the girls, so now is the time for him to get his own stud page (a very exciting and milestone day for us). You can follow Big Mac Supersize Me pictures and antics on his own personal blog spot.