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About Us

Welcome to Totally Coastal Cats. Thank-you for visiting our site, dedicated to the beautiful Pixiebob. We are sure you will be as captivated as much as we are, by the time you leave this site. We like to call it PIXIE PASSION.

We are a T.I.C.A registered cattery, breeder and exhibitor, based on the Coast of Kent in England, which makes us easily accessible to Europe and the United Kingdom. We are a closed cattery to reduce risks of infection and to protect our lines. All visits are by appointment only, and we do not offer stud service, nor send any of our females to stud. We voluntarily signed, support and adhere to the T.I.C.A. Code of Ethics, and the responsible breeder program. A shared belief, of commitment to our cats welfare and wellbeing, and our commitment to you!

Our Cats and Kittens

Only the best cats can produce healthy quality kittens. We do vaccinate and microchip all our cats and kittens. We do not allow anyone near our newborn kittens, until they are beyond the susceptible age of 6 weeks. Regular updated news and pictures will be posted to our News Blog of all kittens born, so you do not miss out on any of their progress.

Our Cattery

We do our utmost to provide the best facilities for our cats. We have 2 Kitten rooms (The Mums and Toddlers, and our Over 8 weeks kittens). All our Queens, Studs and Kittens live indoors.
We have a large purpose built exercise run and summerhouse which has recently been refurbished, had water and electricity installed within. We feel this is very important for our cats wellbeing, so our pampered pixies keep active, don't pile on the pounds. They also get a variety to their environment.
Our cattery facilities inside and outdoors is protected by Closed Circuit T.V, for top security to keep our precious cats safe. See some of our cats enjoying the outdoor space, and facilities available on our cattery web page.

The Pixiebob

The cats originally selected to create this breed decades ago, had an exceptional wild appearance, occurred naturally for centuries and were born to domestic barn cats. The belief was they were the result of Barn Cats and Bobcats matings. Some years later DNA testing showed NO Wild Markers, and Pixiebobs were accepted as a Domestic Breed by the TICA. The breed standards continues the emphasis on the striking resemblance to the American Bobcat (Lynx rufus). There are subspecies which vary in colour, but they all share key characteristics of Ear tufts, Bobtail, eye shape and set, diamond muzzle and coat markings. While bobcats are prolific, their cousins are not so fortunate. The Canadian Lynx is endangered, and Spanish Lynx is virtually extinct.
The cats and Pixiebobs unusual mix of canine and feline behavior, also means you get the best of both worlds, and so this too makes them very, very special. To find out more see our FAQ's. Watch this CATS 101 feature of the Pixiebob, this should give you a good idea about this cat breed.

We Use PayPal

Want to Reserve a Future Pixiebob? Seen your Perfect Pixiebob on our Kitten page available? Want first refusal? You can now make Deposit and Balance Payments Online via Paypal. Deposits are taken in good faith and are Non-Refundable, unless cancelled by us. In this instance a reimbursement will be given. Full payments facility is available upon request.